The Journey Begins…

It has been quite a long journey to come around to getting this blog up and going. I remember talking to Brad McGehee months ago about the community and ways that I could learn from the best and slowly become one of the best. I hope to have an interview from him at some point in the near future that will help other beginner DBA’s in their journey. I can’t replace the purpose that the great blogs and forums that we all frequent serve, but I hope to add a small niche in our huge community that will help someone get that extra little fuel they need to begin or keep going on the SQL Server DBA journey.

The timing of this post is to coincide with my first article published on with the hopes that it will help me stay motivated and keep giving back in the same manner that I have received. That article should be published in the next week or two and I’ll link to it from here. I hope that it will get the ball rolling for everyone to talk about ways to improve our workflow.

I want to finish by passing on a resource that was invaluable to me and helped push me over the hump when I first began the journey or working primarily with SQL Server. I came accross Brad McGehee’s excellent ebook entitled “How to be an Exceptional DBA” that really motivated me and I look back over at regular intervals. I would recommend it as a great tool for anyone beginning their journey or looking to refine their role in the community. You can find a copy of the ebook here. The link takes you to the Red Gate Software page offering a free trial of Red Gate’s DBA tools but you can also download the ebook without the software. Go grab a copy now.