Ebooks, Twitter, and Contacts

I was checking out a new contact I made on Twitter, which I was convinced I should use by Brent Ozar, and Marlon’s post on a free eBook made me think back to some other great finds that I’ve seen on Red Gate. If someone thinks of any others please feel free to post.

Best of SQLServerCentral.com, Vol. 1

Best of SQLServerCentral.com Vol. 5 and 6
You can also download 3 good ebooks from Brad @ Red Gate.. Brad’s Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008, Brad McGehee’s DBA Best Practices, How to Become an Exceptional DBA.

“Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans”
by Grant Fritchey

I’m sure I”m missing some links that I had, but I’ll update if I find them. I hope noone at Red Gate has a problem with me posting them like that because they should drive people to try the products.


  • Brad McGehee

    Check out the following URL for more free Red Gate e-books: http://www.sqlservercentral.com/Books/

  • admin

    Thanks Brad. Very useful info.

  • Hey Jason,

    Keep linking over the Red Gate. You might become a “Friend” of those guys and that is not a bad thing to be.

  • Thanks Grant. I definitely want to be a friend of “those guys”. My ultimate goal is to become a player in the SQL world and work alongside or with those type of guys.