Install SQL Server from network

Whenever it comes time to install SQL Server to a server it’s usually not a big deal to walk back to the server with the disc or share my drive across the network. I ran into a different situation this weekend when I needed to install several versions on a server while on a vpn connection from home. I can’t switch the discs when needed because I’m over 30  minutes away so I needed to come up with a better way.

The problem arises when I have to deal with a .iso file. I needed a way to get the contents out of the iso and into a folder that I could use for a network install. After a small amount of searching I found that I had a few options. The option from Microsoft (Virtual CD Rom) didn’t play nice with the server permissions. I finally got ISOBuster to work for my needs.

Once I extracted the .iso file to a folder for each of the cd/dvds then it was a very easy process. I’m sure there are multiple ways to do this, but given my situation of being remote and only having the .iso files the solution I found seemed to do the trick.

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