Execute SQL Task too big

I ran into an issue last night where copying selected text into the Execute SQL Task within SSIS would get truncated at a certain point. I really believe that I’ve successfully pasted larger text without an issue before, but I haven’t tested that theory as of yet.

One fix is to save the file as .sql and browse to it from within the Execute SQL task. Once I tried this I noticed that my last few lines were finally there. If you know of other ways around this please feel free to share.


  • I haven’t run up against a character limit within the editor, but for larger queries I generally create a stored procedure if I’m in a situation that allows me to modify the source database.

  • admin

    It’s a legacy DTS package and for time purposes usually it’s just copy and paste on those items. For some reason copy/paste didn’t work this time. Not real sure why. It could be something to do with the character length allowed. They decided not to give the window a scroll bar so who knows what else got messed up.