Links for the Week

SQL Server Sprawl
Includes a link to 2 free chapters from SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action. Also has a link to another option of scanning your network for SQL Servers using SQL Ping.

SSMS Projects and Solutions
Buck Woody talks about some options for using the Project features in SSMS.

Auditing your Database Server
Colin Stasiuk covers auditing options in SQL Server 2008 as well as previous options.

Microsoft SQL Server Team Blogs
Kevin Kline covers the topics of Blogs from the Microsoft SQL Server Team and also provides some useful links to other resources.

SQL Server Consolidation Tips
Thomas LaRock writes his third tip about SQL Server Consolidation tips. Part 1 and Part 2 are also linked.

SSIS Configuration Files
Jamie Thomson covers a tip on editing the .dtsConfig file. I prefer to use a table to store my configurations and I highly recommend looking at this method.

Document your Environment
Jonathan Kehayias covers the importance of documentation. I would love to see more examples of this on the blogs as well.

I’m Certified, Now What?
Steve Jones covers the topic of what comes after becoming certified.

Elegance of Database Design
Andy Leonard continues to cover the topic of Database Design.

Q&A with Louis Davidson and Paul Nielsen on Database Design
Schema design is important, and these two SQL Server MVPs discuss the need for Normalization.

Free eBook from Quest Software
Marlon Ribunal finds a great eBook offering from Quest Software.