Another way to Compare Database Tools

In a previous post title Comparison of Database Tools, I told you about a resource that Brent Ozar (Blog|Twitter) let me know about.

Today, I was introduced to a new site that will let you compare certain items based on predefined criteria that appears to be user submitted.

While the usability of the results could be debated, it still seems interesting to me.

Currently, they are somewhat limited on the “SQL Server” front since they only include CE and a Generic SQL Server reference. I’m not sure of the business model or staying power of the site, but I may decide to finish my initial ADD thought of inserting all of the SQL Versions back to 2000.

Since they are comparing items based on preset criteria, something you may want to know about won’t be included in the results.

Nonetheless, it’s pretty cool to play around with:

RDBMS Comparison

Energy Drink Comparison

And if you are a bacon fan like Thomas LaRock (Blog | Twitter) then you can check your breakfast options.

I know I’m violating Ozar’s advice about posting close to the weekend, but I just couldn’t resist the urge of posting lust that I’m going through. I have a list that I’m working and I’m trying to get towards that goal of having at least one post a week.

Update : As Ralph Wilson(LinkedIn) points out here, there are some inaccuracies(more than 1) in their data. One example is how they list Identity only for the Compact Edition. I thought I had alluded to the value that could be placed in the results, and hinted that someone should update it. Anyway, that got me to digging to see how they got their info. If you follow the “Comparison of relational database management systems” link off of the wikipedia page you’ll find similar patterns, but there are still data differences.

Update #2 : I was contacted by Matt Kopjak of who offered more info on how the data is populated.

“The results/listings are submitted by researchers at FTB. We compiled 90% of the fields and hope that one day experts will come in and edit/update the rest.”
Matt Kopjak (