Setting up Technorati for a New Blog

My claim token came back as HGUMK49EHZRU, and this post will satisfy their requirement of having a blog post with that token included. Since I’m going through the process of cleaning up things so they’ll work like they should, I’m going to document things here so that I can refer back to them in the future.

There’s also the added benefit that you get to look at them as well so they can help the community.  Hopefully, this process won’t be too drawn out and I can get caught up rather quickly.

One of the first recommendations I’ve found is that you should set your blog up with technorati, so that’s what we’ll do here. As you’ll see in my first paragraph, I had to make a post with the token that was emailed to me. So now that I’ve got that part out of the way let’s go ahead and go through the process of submitting our blog to technorati so that it can be included in their directory.

From what I’ve gathered, technorati isn’t what it once was but it still warrants registering your blog there in order to cover all of your bases. You’ll need to follow the steps below in order to get going:

1. Register for an account at
2. You should get an email with a token for you to put into a new post on your blog so they can identify you.
3. Update your profile on technorati and make sure your feed is setup and working correctly whether you use Feedburner or another method.
4. Submit your blog post with the token and check to see if things complete successfully (not sure on the time frame, but I’ll update)
5. Look at related blog listings and see what they are doing that you can implement as well.

I will update my findings after my listing gets added and make sure that I didn’t leave anything valuable out.

Update #1 : Technorati is having the toughest time picking up the feed. I have a couple theories and I’ll update this post when I figure out what’s going on.