Fill up my Kindle

I finally broke down and got a Kindle 3G Wireless 6″ from Amazon. I’ve been reading a few titles from the Kindle for PC software trying to determine how tech books would show up to see if I would lose anything by not getting the real book but it’s hard to tell. I asked on Twitter a while back and only got one response saying that there weren’t many tech books on the Kindle.

Well, here’s your chance to post your first comment on the ol’ blog. Are you an author who’s book on Kindle show’s up beautifully? Are you an MVP who carries your Kindle around with you? Hoping SQL Server MVP Glenn Berry (Blog|Twitter) gets his way and more great books come to the Kindle. I’ll help him by clicking the link on the Amazon page for his book telling the publisher we want the book on the Kindle. I’ll probably buy the hard copy anyway because of the rave review Brent Ozar (Blog|Twitter) gave it, and the fact that it’s the only book of its kind that I’ve seen. Maybe Glenn can right all the wrongs in the SQL Server building world. I’m pulling for him.

So, if you have a tech book (SQL or not) that you can say for sure looks great on the Kindle and doesn’t lose content or readability by being on the Kindle then please post it here in the comments.

As always, if you have comments or suggestions on how I can make this blog a better resource then please feel free to share. And for the few brave souls who’ve made it to the last sentence of this post…I’ll let you know there’s a big redesign of the blog coming up which will hopefully improve the focus and readability.

Update: Not sure why I didn’t get the email notifying me that Glenn had responded to my comment on his blog, but the book is now available on the Kindle.