QuickHitter 02 : Indexing Powershell Scripts

It was until I recently had a pc failure that I remembered what it felt like not to be able to have windows search inside powershell files. By default, the indexing options are set to only index the “File Properties” but not the “File Contents”. There may be other cases where this is beneficial to you, but this one was the biggest for me. For me, it was a simple fix:

Start -> type index in white box, select Indexing Options.
Select Advanced, File Types tab.
Find ps1 and change it to “Index Properties and File Contents”, click OK and move along.

Caution: You will see the notice that you are about to be grab a cup (few pots on my system) while the index rebuilds so do this when you have some time.

You could also follow the instructions on the bottom of this technet wiki for a more granular approach.

Have you found any other files that would benefit from this? It’s been so long since I explored this and I’d love to hear other thoughts.

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