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Performance Counters Missing

We’ve been running SQL Server 2000 x86 on Windows Server 2003 R2 x64 for some time. While there have been a few issues here and there, monitoring SQL related counters can be troublesome whether you are local or remote.

If you are local to the server when you open up performance monitor you will receive the x64 counters and this won’t help you since your SQL Server is x86. For the 32 bit version just use %SystemRoot%\SysWow64\Perfmon.exe.

If you are remote then you’ll need to make some registry modifications on the server that you are monitoring. You’ll need to modify 2 registry entries to read SysWow64 instead of System32:

“ImagePath”=”%SystemRoot%\SysWow64\svchost.exe -k regsvc”

Restart the Remote Registry Service and you should be good to go now.

(Maybe you couldn’t run SQL 2000 under a x64 bit OS at the time of this writing)

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Links for 092509
Staying on Track can be hard, Jen McCown outlines a few ideas of how to keep up with tasks.
Another free ebook from redgate. John Magnabosco talks about securing SQL Server Data.
Tara Kizer gives a new script for backups.
Linchi Shea gives us a vision, or at least some good thoughts on how it should be.
Brent Ozar gives us presentation tips. Everyone should want to be the best.

Kevin Kline gives us some DMV tools.

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SQL Server Tacklebox

I know I’m a little late posting this as I’m sure you’ve already downloaded the free Ebook and read through it, but if you haven’t be sure to go grab a copy.

It’s got some good stuff in it.

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Links for the Week

SQL Server Sprawl
Includes a link to 2 free chapters from SQL Server 2008 Administration in Action. Also has a link to another option of scanning your network for SQL Servers using SQL Ping.

SSMS Projects and Solutions
Buck Woody talks about some options for using the Project features in SSMS.

Auditing your Database Server
Colin Stasiuk covers auditing options in SQL Server 2008 as well as previous options.

Microsoft SQL Server Team Blogs
Kevin Kline covers the topics of Blogs from the Microsoft SQL Server Team and also provides some useful links to other resources.

SQL Server Consolidation Tips
Thomas LaRock writes his third tip about SQL Server Consolidation tips. Part 1 and Part 2 are also linked.

SSIS Configuration Files
Jamie Thomson covers a tip on editing the .dtsConfig file. I prefer to use a table to store my configurations and I highly recommend looking at this method.

Document your Environment
Jonathan Kehayias covers the importance of documentation. I would love to see more examples of this on the blogs as well.

I’m Certified, Now What?
Steve Jones covers the topic of what comes after becoming certified.

Elegance of Database Design
Andy Leonard continues to cover the topic of Database Design.

Q&A with Louis Davidson and Paul Nielsen on Database Design
Schema design is important, and these two SQL Server MVPs discuss the need for Normalization.

Free eBook from Quest Software
Marlon Ribunal finds a great eBook offering from Quest Software.

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24 hours of free SQL training

From the site:
24 Hours of PASS is a series of live one-hour webcasts broadcast over a 24-hour period that focus on a host of SQL Server topics. The 24 one-hour presentations will begin at 00:00 GMT (UTC) on September 2, 2009

Be sure to take into account the whole GMT issue. Since I’m on Central Standard Time it would start for me at 7:00 pm on September 1. I haven’t seen whether or not they will archive the sessions but I hope they do.

Session 01 (Dev) – Start time: 00:00 GMT
10 Big Ideas in Database Design
Presenters: Louis Davidson and Paul Nielsen

Session 02 (DBA) – Start time: 01:00 GMT
Using PowerShell to Get the Most Out of SQL Server
Presenter: Allen White

Session 03 (PD) – Start time: 02:00 GMT
Team Management Fundamentals
Presenter: Kevin Kline

Session 04 (BI) – Start time 03:00 GMT
Delivering Good Performance Consistently with SSIS
Presenter: John Welch

Session 05 (DBA) – Start time 04:00 GMT
Using SQLdiag to Troubleshoot SQL Server Problems
Presenter: Brad McGehee

Session 06 (DBA) – Start time 05:00 GMT
The SQL Server 2008 Vanishing Act
Presenter:  Peter Ward

Session 07 (BI) – Start time 06:00 GMT
Text Mining
Presenter: Dejan Sarka

Session 08 (Dev) – Start time 07:00 GMT
Tips and Tricks for Writing SET Based Queries
Presenter: Jacob Sebastian

Session 09 (DBA) – Start time 08:00 GMT
Mirrored Databases
Presenter: Thomas Grohser

Session 10 (Dev) – Start time 09:00 GMT
Working with Spatial Data in SQL Server 2008
Presenter: Greg Low

Session 11 (DBA) – Start time 10:00 GMT
Effective Indexing
Presenter: Gail Shaw

Session 12 (BI) – Start time 11:00 GMT
Reporting Services Inside Out: The Things You Should Know
Presenter: Simon Sabin

Session 13 (DBA) – Start time 12:00 GMT
Query Performance Tuning 101
Presenter: Grant Fritchey

Session 14 (BI) – Start time 13:00 GMT
Reporting from Analysis Services Cubes Using Excel 2007
Presenter: Peter Myers

Session 15 (BI) – Start time 14:00 GMT
Data Warehousing: Laying the Foundation to Success
Presenter: Erik Veerman

Session 16 (DBA) – Start time 15:00 GMT
Database Compatibility Settings: What They Really Do… and Don’t Do
Presenter: Don Vilen

Session 17 (PD) – Start time 16:00 GMT
Building a Better Blog
Presenter: Steve Jones

Session 18 (Dev) – Start time 17:00 GMT
Building Flexible Data Services for the Web Using the ADO .NET Data Services Framework
Presenter: Artemakis Artemiou

Session 19 (Dev) – Start time 18:00 GMT
SQLCLR or T-SQL? A Brief Survey of Performance Options
Presenter: Adam Machanic

Session 20 (BI) – Start time 19:00 GMT
Loading a Data Warehouse in SSIS
Presenter: Brian Knight

Session 21 (DBA) – Start time 20:00 GMT
What’s Simple about Simple Recovery Model
Presenter: Kalen Delaney

Session 22 (Dev) – Start time 21:00 GMT
What’s New, Harder, and Easier in SQL Server 2008 Security
Presenter: Don Kiely

Session 23 (DBA) – Start time 22:00 GMT
Analyzing File and Wait Statistics
Presenter: Andrew Kelly

Session 24 (BI): Start time 23:00 GMT
Embed Reporting Services into Your Applications
Presenter: Jessica Moss

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