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Duplicate ErrorCode Columns in SSIS

If you are using SSIS to handle a column that has the name of ErrorCode you could run into an issue. You can find more information on the specifics @ Microsoft Connect.

Your error may look similar to this:
Validation error. Data Flow Task: DTS.Pipeline: The package contains two objects with the duplicate name of “output column “ErrorCode” (180)” and “output column “ErrorCode” (13)”.

In my case, here’s how I fixed it:
On the task(OLE DB Source) that gave me the error, I went into the advanced editor. Go to the “Input and Output Properties” tab and select the Error Output Columns. I simply changed the name of the second instance to ErrorCode2 and it worked for me. It may be better to actually rename your column in the table but that requires more work. I guess it’s possible that this could affect your error logging but for my case it did not.

Comments { 1 } Posted on June 19, 2009 in SQL Server 2005, SQLServerPedia Syndication, SSIS

Execute SQL Task too big

I ran into an issue last night where copying selected text into the Execute SQL Task within SSIS would get truncated at a certain point. I really believe that I’ve successfully pasted larger text without an issue before, but I haven’t tested that theory as of yet.

One fix is to save the file as .sql and browse to it from within the Execute SQL task. Once I tried this I noticed that my last few lines were finally there. If you know of other ways around this please feel free to share.

Comments { 2 } Posted on March 10, 2009 in SQL Server 2005, SQLServerPedia Syndication, SSIS