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Don’t sit up straight at your desk

Going in a slightly different direction than a previous post on “The downside to being in IT”, I saw a post by Michael Hyatt (Blog|Twitter) recently that had an infographic about why sitting down so much is killing  us. The biggest part about the graph for me was sitting at a reclined angle was actually less strain on  your back than sitting upright.  I guess you could argue that sitting that far back is going to put more strain on your eyes, neck, and other important body parts so maybe it’s a wash. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what you do to help your body handle all this “desk stress” that we put on it in the office.

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No More Resolutions in 2011

A Vision

Do you have a vision?

It goes without saying that resolutions often turn into something we despise instead of something we look back at as a milestone in our personal growth. The reasons for the negative connotations associated with resolutions could be as simple as our inability to “Keep it Simple” or as difficult as simply not understanding what we really need to accomplish in the first place.

I’ve done my fair share of reading in the past week trying to understand how peers and members of the blogging community are going about setting their own agenda for 2011 in the hopes of having a better understanding of where we go wrong. I’ll include links to some of the better representations of what I have discovered, even if these items are not specifically labeled as resolutions. I have come to the conclusion that it may be better to stay away from the term resolution altogether. Let’s take a look at 2011 from a different point of view. Let’s take a step back and see where one actually comes up with what some define as a resolution.

Dreams, Visions and Goals
In quoting a few items from Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership course that I took part in while employed at The Lampo Group, I hope to give you an idea of where you can lay the groundwork for a more successful year.

“Dreams only become reality when they become your vision”

Dreams alone will get you nowhere fast. You have to take those dreams you have and turn them into what you envision happening in the short and long term. You may start with a dream, but until you get a vision it will be difficult to move forward.

“Vision that is ready to go to work is called a goal”

You have to take that vision that you have and turn it into something that can be applied. Some people have difficulty with their goals because they never sat down and thought about what their long-term vision for their family, career, and life goals are. Until you know where you want to go, setting goals that aren’t backed up by “the meat” of a vision will only leave you with resolutions that fail.

I’m going to look at a template that I learned from Dave Ramsey while I worked there, and see if we can use that to take us somewhere different to give us a better chance at success.

Let’s look at these areas of your life and come up with some visions and goals. Feel free to modify these if they don’t meet your needs exactly, but they should work for most.

1. Career
2. Financial
3. Spiritual
4. Physical
5. Intellectual
6. Family
7. Social

Now add three sub-sections under each one of these for the following time frames:
a. 3-6 months
b. 1 year
c. 5 years

So in 2007, I pulled up my Financial section and it looked like this:

2. Financial
a. 3-6 months
-manage money to handle the pregnancy.
b. 1 year
-be in a home.
-have the truck paid off.
c. 5 year
-have the student loans paid off.

In the coming days, I’ll be creating a modified list that is updated to meet my current stage of life. I want to encourage you to go through this exercise if you’ve never looked at a new year this way.  Take a chance on trying something a little different in order to get different results. Develop a vision for your life, and set goals that are in line with that vision. Break it down into bite-size chunks and allow yourself a certain amount of time to meet your goals.

On a side note, you might have noticed that the blog has a new look and will be undergoing additional changes in the coming days as I try to focus on other things besides SQL Server. I feel that I have put myself into a box and that has prevented me from sharing items that I feel could help others. The title of the blog will be changing as well, and hopefully I can do that with as little interruption to subscribers while still providing SQL content mixed in with information like Active Directory, Group Policy, IT Administration, PowerShell, Personal Development and Tech info that I feel can be useful.

Thanks for taking the time to allow me share and have a great 2011.

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