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SQL Server 2005 won’t install

A colleague of mine had tried to install SQL Server 2005 several times onto a x64 server. He kept gettting the following error:

The SQL Server service failed to start. For more information, see the SQL Server Books Online topics, “How to: View SQL Server 2005 Setup Log Files” and “Starting SQL Server Manually.”

After searching through the logs and trying multiple items I finally ran accross a fix for our case:

From Microsoft, this can happen when the ratio between logical processors and physical sockets is not a power of 2.

So how do you know if you are affected by this?

This was on a Dell PowerEdge R900, so if you are working with that then you may be in the same situation.

You could download and run WinAudit or cpuz to see if you can determine anything from the results. You could also possibly query wmi.

Comments { 0 } Posted on June 26, 2009 in SQL Server 2005