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Ebooks, Twitter, and Contacts

I was checking out a new contact I made on Twitter, which I was convinced I should use by Brent Ozar, and Marlon’s post on a free eBook made me think back to some other great finds that I’ve seen on Red Gate. If someone thinks of any others please feel free to post.

Best of SQLServerCentral.com, Vol. 1

Best of SQLServerCentral.com Vol. 5 and 6
You can also download 3 good ebooks from Brad @ Red Gate.. Brad’s Sure Guide to SQL Server 2008, Brad McGehee’s DBA Best Practices, How to Become an Exceptional DBA.

“Dissecting SQL Server Execution Plans”
by Grant Fritchey

I’m sure I”m missing some links that I had, but I’ll update if I find them. I hope noone at Red Gate has a problem with me posting them like that because they should drive people to try the products.

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SqlSecurityHandler is invoked

I had an admin come to me this morning regarding a SQL Server box that had suddenly gone down. The SQL Service and SQL Agent where both stopped. When I looked at the SQL Server error log I noticed the following error: “SqlSecurityHandler is invoked. Potential buffer overrun detected – server is terminating.” I went to the trusty google box and didn’t find a ton of useful info, but I did finally come across a KB from Microsoft.

This SQL Server is handling a third-party database whose developers have decided it’s ok to use “SELECT *” in many of their queries. They have also opted to not use stored procedures alone. Both of which I think are bad ideas. They have deadlocks that pop up all of the time, and I see many holes in their reasoning but there’s not a ton I can do to change any of that. They’ve never tested under the load that they are getting with us, so I believe they are learning the hard way that their product might not be as scalable as they thought.

Anyway, I’ve run many a trace against the box through perfmon, profiler and DBCC TRACEON without incidence, but it turns out that it’s possible to crash the server when the following criteria are met:

“The SQL Server process may end unexpectedly when you turn on trace flag -T1204 and a profiler trace is capturing the Lock:DeadLock Chain event in SQL Server 2000 SP4”. We were able to determine that the vendor had been running a profiler trace capturing that event during the time that this happened.  The server was patched up to 2040, but obviously this hotfix is supposed to fix this issue. I decided this would be a good time to go ahead and bring it up to hotfix 2273 given the problems that we’ve had. That means I chose to bypass 2050 and go with 2273. That means I chose QFE over GDR. I’ve included a link to an explanation that helped me understand those two items. Normally, it would be recommended that you stay with the GDR unless you need a specific fix above that hotfix. At least that’s the way I understood it.

Cumulative list of SQL Server 2000 hotfixes


Microsoft Security Bulletin MS08-040

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